Forrest Jackson (he/him)

Forrest Jackson is a pianist, vocalist, a (sometimes) trombonist, and recording artist based out of Milwaukee. Growing up in a music-loving family, Forrest has always been surrounded by different genres and soundscapes and brings all of these influences to his playing. From rock to jazz, or EDM to Rap, it’s never about the genre for him. “I don’t think of genres as categories or ‘boxes’, to me, they’re options, intertwining paths that hopefully lead to something sounding cool.”  Want to work with him? 


pc: Helene Fischman 

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Zeze Schorsch (they/them)

Zeze is a creator whose body of work includes dance, physical theatre, poetry, visual art, and most recently film. Since choreographing their first concert "WISDOM TEETH" in 2018, they've performed their work in Milwaukee's Fringe Festival, Danceworks MKE, 53212 Presents, Walker's Point Center for the Arts, and Cooperative Performance MKE. As a queer, fat, and interdisciplinary artist, Zeze is familiar with derailment. During the pandemic, becoming a citizen of Zoom has ushered in a new era of creative practice and social justice.

Posy Knight (she/they)

Posy teaches visual arts for Milwaukee Public Schools and serves on the Board of Directors of 53212 Presents. Knight is a Featured Member at the Walkers Point Center for the Arts where she created the Short Dance Film Series (2021). She has appeared online in Theatre Gigante’s “Fairytales” (2021), Quasimondo Physical Theatre’s “ADA” (2021), and “Giraffe on Fire” (2022) and was last seen onstage in a two-person recreation of Franz Schubert’s song cycle “Winterreise” created with tenor Tim Rebers in 2019. Her philosophy is inspired by Mierle Laderman-Ukeles' Maintenance Art Manifesto (1969). Knight is an anti disciplinarian artist, which Amir Reza Asadi describes as follows: “Interdisciplinary work is when people from different disciplines work together. But antidisciplinary is something very different; it’s about working in spaces that simply do not fit into any existing academic discipline–a specific field of study with its own particular words, frameworks, and methods.” 

Selena Milewski (she/her)

Selena Milewski is a Milwaukee native and multidisciplinary artist who recently moved back to Milwaukee from Boulder, CO. While living in the Centennial State these past four years, she earned an MFA in Theater: Contemporary Performance from Naropa University. She’s invested in devised theatre, writing for and from the body, and developing innovative and collaborative modes of art-making for our times. Her artistic passions include environmental advocacy, trauma witnessing and recovery, and layering systems of thought in order to play in the discourse. Please visit for clips, quotes, and updates!


pc: Posy Knight

Cuauhtli Ramirez Castro (he/him)

Cuauhtli Ramirez Castro is a Mexican performing artist and dancer. He studied Performing Arts at the University of Guanajuato having a multidisciplinary approach, combining contemporary dance and acting techniques in his training. He has performed at the International Cervantino Festival (2016), as well as the Guanajuato International Film Festival (2015). He graduated from
the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a BFA in Contemporary Dance Performance and Choreography (2021). During his last year he was part of UWM´s Undergraduate Research Fellowship program as a teaching and research assistant for the project Parts of The Whole: The Body is Home under the mentorship of Maria Gillespie. During his time in Milwaukee he has
performed and collaborated in works of Maria Gillespie, Morgan Williams, Emma Draves, Bernard Brown, Caitlin Mahon, Joe Goode, Mair Culbreth, Amanda Lee, and companies such as Danceworks DPMKE, and WildSpace.

cedar becher (they/them)

cedar becher (they/them) is a trans* non-binary artist from the United States. They received their BFA in Contemporary Dance Performance & Choreography from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee in May 2018. During their time as a student, cedar created and performed with various artists as well as premiered their first collaborative, evening-length work entitled First Drafts. After graduating, cedar lived in France and Germany where they worked as an English teacher and performed in festivals around Berlin. 

cedar becher is an intellectual, intuitive, radical, anti-disciplinary artist who does not see the boundaries between disciplines as rigid/uncrossable, but instead as opportunities to learn something new. They are a performer, a writer, a mover, and a somatic being. At the core, they are a disrupter because they are boundless and amorphous. Currently, they are researching ethical, trauma-informed practices, determined to find an innovative and healthy way forward in movement and art spaces.


pc: Posy Knight

pc: Posy Knight