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Local movement theatre artist Selena Milewski will introduce participants to foundational principles of somatic bodywork investigating vital fluids including the blood, lymph, and synovial fluid. Participants will learn and explore how they act as supportive collaborators in both artistic expression and health. Given human bodies are about 60% water and have ancient origins in the sea, we’ll also consider our connections to the waters of the natural world.

Afterwards, Forrest Jackson creates the sound score for an improvisation ending at 10 pm. All levels and mediums welcome.


Suggested donation $15. Ages 18+ welcome.


Created in 2019 as an exclusive forum for performance artists to improvise and socialize outside of the hierarchical structure of art organizations, Danceteria is returning with a series of public events designed to inspire and support creative development in-person and online. Anti Disciplinarian artists Posy Knight (53212 Presents, Walkers Point Center for the Arts), Zeze Schorsch (Cooperative Performance MKE, Danceworks) and musician Forrest Jackson  provide a lush sound score and investigative environment that invites everyone from the art-curious to the seasoned professional to reclaim their own internal and external spaces following the trauma of pandemic and everyday life. 


Participants can expect to be empowered to follow their own inspiration whether traditional, like movement, spoken word, and music, or technologically, using their personal mobile devices to create new realities and possibilities in real space and/or via Zoom. Danceteria becomes a collage of experiences based on each other’s needs and actions or can simply be a safe space to discover one’s own creativity.

Danceteria has always been a safe space for creative exploration and socialization. Even before the pandemic began, Danceteria founder Posy Knight recognized marginalized performance artists needed more support to develop their artistry away from the limited creative opportunities tethered to employment. Heightened in the lockdown, Danceteria exploded as a virtual home for stifled creativity and became a new venue for electronic music, video experimentation, performance with a party vibe and expanded to new communities beyond Milwaukee. Last year, Danceteria continued to center around artists’ needs with 18 hybrid events featuring composer Allen Russell, including a residency at the Walkers Point Center for the Arts that culminated in a Short Dance Film Series premiering eight dance films created during the pandemic. Reflecting on this growth, Schorsch and Jackson join Knight’s mission of facilitating events for artists of all levels of experience who value healing, experimentation, and community.