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53212 Presents is a management team providing access to affordable rehearsal and performance space and production support for artists, performing arts groups, and youth partner organizations from 53212, with the goal of increasing Milwaukee’s access to the artistic products of the 53212 community.


53212 Presents was founded in January of 2019 in response to a community-wide need for affordable rehearsal and performance space and a desire to create equitable opportunity for people from both sides of Holton Street (Harambee and Riverwest neighborhoods) to receive support during the art-making process. 53212 Presents supports the arts in many ways; providing production support, hosting free workshops and events for and by artists, collaborative marketing, technical assistance, administrative support, artistic mentorship for emerging artists, and through community engagement initiatives like the Milwaukee Coalition Against Hate.


Kirk Thomsen - Managing Director

Posy Knight - President of the Board
L. Mark Flagg - Vice President of the Board
Joëlle Worm - Treasurer
Dan Basile - Voting member
Wanda Hurr - Voting member

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