53212 presents is a management team providing access to affordable rehearsal and performance space and production support for artists, performing arts groups, and youth partner organizations from 53212, with the goal of increasing Milwaukee’s access to the artistic products of the 53212 community.


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All donations made to 53212 Presents are 100% tax deductible3

CARES Act Allows $300 Above-the-Line Charitable Donation Deduction

This provision in the CARES Act is specifically for those who don’t itemize their deductions and would typically not get any tax benefit for donations. Since it’s considered an above-the-line deduction, the IRS applies it when calculating your adjusted gross income (AGI). 

In plain English, if you donate up to $300 in cash to a qualified organization, your AGI will be reduced by up to $300—and you can still claim the standard deduction.