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(December 13 2019)

Witness the process and progress of an eclectic group of Milwaukee artists! Having built a community through critical feedback and lack of hierarchy, artists of The Field Milwaukee invite audiences for a chance to see their works-in-process. Audiences are also welcome to participate in Fieldwork feedback within this relaxed and open setting.

Featuring work by Alaina Carlson, Cy Ozgood, Chad Piechowski, Betty Salamun, Gavin St. John, Zachary Schorsch and Kirk Thomsen.

        Alabama Story

                (October 17th-19th 2019)

Presented by Seat of Our Pants Readers Theatre Troupe 

Set in Montgomery, Alabama in 1959, Alabama Story mixes real and fictional people to tell a fact-inspired fable about tests of character in

a time of social turbulence. Censorship, civil rights, children’s literature

and the freedom to read are elements in this highly theatrical tale set in “the Deep South of the imagination.” A bullying but complex segregationist senator wants a controversial children’s book taken off the library shelves, but a fearless librarian — no less complicated — refuses, putting both

of their worlds at risk.

Director... Stephan Roselin

Live Music... John Stano

Lighting Design... Alan Pietrowicz

Stage Manager... Nicole Allee

Cast... Leslie Fitzwater, Chris Goode, Scott Howland, Monty Kane, Stephan Roselin, and Tess Rutkowski


(September 13 & 14 2019)

A Concert of music and writings of Clara Schumann; German pianist, composer and teacher. One of the foremost European pianists of the 19th century and the wife and champion of the music of Robert Schumann, she was also a respected composer and influential teacher.... Celebrate the 200th anniversary of her birth.


Featuring Soprano Sarah Richardson, Baritone Joe Riggenbach, and Pianist Michel Shestak.

This physical theatre workshop pushes actors to develop their ability to risk and reap the rewards that come with doing so in performance. The three-class workshops will include work on the following concepts

  • integrate the body with creative impulses

  • develop the artist's sense of spontaneous play onstage 

  • venture into the world of clown, where failure is not only a necessity but a source of discovery and delight. 

Workshop facilitator Kathryn Cesarz is a theatre artist and clown committed to performance, human connection, and shared experience. She has performed throughout the United States and Internationally. In Milwaukee, she has been involved in the ensemble and performed at Quasimondo Physical Theatre, has written, produced, and performed in her own independent productions, and she has also been seen performing with Cooperative Performance Milwaukee, Shakespeare Raw, and Unrehearsed MKE. Kathryn holds a Master of Fine Arts from Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theatre. 

I'm A Father Under Construction
(June 13-29 2019)

"I'm a Father Under Construction" explored the complex issue from a perspective within the LGBTQ+ community, featuring live music, dance, theatre, visual art and more... Even in their absence, we all feel the impact of our fathers. Sometimes, we have to search outside of our own family to find the mentorship and guidance we need from a father-figure. Separation, trauma, the passage into adulthood, and especially parenting, can make us reflect on the expectations we have of the person we call father.

Director... Kirk R Thomsen

Live Music... DUZT

Set Design... Nerissa Eichinger

Lighting Design... Corbin Putz

Collaborators... Daniel Burkholder, Posy Knight, Ida Lucchesi, Ben Ludwig, Joseph Riggenbach, Zach Byron Schorsch, Lindsay Stevens, Kirk Thomsen, Jimmie Weyneth, and Joëlle Worm

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