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KIRK THOMSEN, managing director

For 17 years, actor Kirk Thomsen has worked to build collaborative relationships with many performance companies in Chicago and Milwaukee. He is an artist consultant for the Grand Imagination Theatre on Holton Street as well as a member of the Center Street Community Arts Redevelopment Project. Kirk helped create performance venues and memorable productions with the Alchemist Theatre in Bayview and Studio G at the Grand Avenue Mall for Quasimondo Physical Theatre to name a few. He continues to work with groups finding and building space and is passionate about bringing to life multi-media theatrical productions.

Our Board of Directors


Robert provides leadership and guidance to a multitude of nonprofit organizations throughout southeastern Wisconsin by capitalizing on his diverse background as a musician/performer and public relations/marketing guru. Robert's passion for helping organizations to realize their full potential and implement dynamic new methods for marketing and fundraising is praised by his contemporaries for rethinking the way nonprofits engage their community. Robert is excited to join the extremely diverse and talented board of 53212 Presents and is looking forward to applying his skills to its mission and enriching the community through its efforts. 

MARK FLAGG, vice president

JOËLLE WORM, treasurer

Joëlle Worm is a Milwaukee native who has also lived and worked in Minneapolis and New York City. She is a dance artist and educator with interest/expertise in areas of choreographic improvisation, dance as a tool for communication and using dance in K-12+ public educational settings. Her daytime hours are busy administering arts and education programs. She is also co-Site Leader of The Field Milwaukee, a network site of The Field New York. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and a Masters in Public Administration from Baruch College – City University of New York. She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, an auntie, a cousin, a niece, a life partner, a colleague and a friend.

POSY KNIGHT, secretary

Posy is a powerhouse artist and organizer, and is determined to create a place for artists in 53212 to create and share their gifts with new audiences. Posy defies labels and engages with artists at all levels; as a fellow performer, as an urban teacher, as an adult mentor and professional advocate, as a production designer, artist at large, patron, and director. Her life would be meaningless without relationships with art and with the important people who make it and enjoy it.


Dan Basile has been a Riverwest resident for over fifteen years.  He is currently the Chief Operations Officer for the Milwaukee County Transit System.  Dan received a Master’s degree from UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Dan is also an active board member for Riverwest Investment Cooperative. 



Ruth Weill has a B.A. in Communication from the University Wisconsin Milwaukee. She has been working in community development in the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods for over a decade while living in Riverwest since the late 90's. She is responsible for the coordination of community events such as Center Street Daze Festival and the City's 4th of July Celebration at Gordon Park. She founded the Riverwest Business Association, chaired the Riverwest Neighborhood Association and currently sits on the board of the Riverwest Artist Association. She worked as the Neighborhood Strategic Plan (NSP) District 7 Community Organizer with Riverworks Development Corporation for 3 1/2 years as well. 

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