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Alabama Story 

(Oct. 17th-19th - 7:30pm)
Seat of Our Pants Readers Theatre Troupe


In an enhanced readers theatre version directed by Stephan Roselin.

Featuring the talents of Leslie Fitzwater, Stephan Roselin, Scott Howland, Monty Kane, Tess Rutkowski, and Chris Goode with lighting by Alan Piotrowicz and stage manged by Nicole Allee.

Set in Montgomery, Alabama in 1959, Alabama Story mixes

real and fictional people to tell a fact-inspired fable about tests

of character in a time of social turbulence. Censorship, civil rights, children’s literature and the freedom to read are elements in this highly theatrical tale set in “the Deep South of the imagination.”

A bullying but complex segregationist senator wants a controversial children’s book taken off the library shelves, but a fearless librarian — no less complicated — refuses, putting both of their worlds at risk.