Join us with your voice to document our experience over the last month navigating a world with COVID-19. We have all been looking inward, pulling and pooling resources to grapple with the very personal, public and political ramifications of a global pandemic. Unleash your creative powers into an improvisational collaboration narrating your experience into a Journal called “A People’s History of the Pandemic.” (Title inspired, of course, by Howard Zinn.) Writers of all kinds (poets, essayists, etc) are paired with Artists of all kinds (visual, music, dance, etc), whose work will result in an electronic Journal (FYI sample of current journal linked here), and a limited edition hard copy Journal (also called a ‘zine, short for [Maga]’zine). Participation in the event is free, but you must attend all three Zooms.

View our schedule, and register here: Registration Link


Zoom #1:  Saturday, May 23  7:00 - 8:00 PM   Introduction & Guidelines

Work Time:     Sunday, May 24 – Friday, June 12, Creating first work

Deadline:         Friday, June 13, Deadline to upload first work to dropbox


Zoom #2:  Saturday, June 13      7:00 - 8:00 PM    Meet your partner!

Work Time:     Sunday, June 14 – Friday, July 3, Creating work in response to partner’s piece

Deadline:         Friday, July 3, Deadline to upload second work to dropbox


(Behind the scenes, Saturday, July 4 – Friday, August 7  Draw Write Here! creates electronic book!)


Zoom #3    Sat, August 8     7:00 - 9:00 PM    Performance & eBook Reveal

Open to the Public, work is performed & Draw Write Here! reveals electronic book!

This event may also offer a live venue, to be determined closer to the date.




Helene Fischman, Draw Write Here!

Posy Knight & Kirk Thomsen, 53212 Presents,

Saturday from 12-1pm (CDT)

Danceteria is a weekly improvisation practice created in August of 2019 by Posy Knight to provide a safe space for people to explore their relationship to movement and others. Now more than ever we need to reclaim our own interior spaces and practice mind-body maintenance and community connection. Join by video using zoom and/or tune in using twitch to hear Colorado based DJ Wise's continuous collage of soul, funk and r&b.

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